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Hopkins CSSA 2012 Badminton Tournament: Call For Registration (Please be aware of the TIME CHANGE !!)

Dear friends:

Are you still trying hard to find something interesting to do in such a long summer? Join us in the Hopkins CSSA 2012 summer badminton tournament! Take the chance to make friends as well as win wonderful Amazon gift card! $30 Amazon gift card for the champion, $20 Amazon gift card for the second place and $10 Amazon gift card for the third place. Hurry up!

TIME(CHANGED)Changed to 08/19/2012, 12:00pm; NOT 08/18/2012(the original date)

VENUE: Homewood Ralph S. O’Connor Recreation Center

(You may have to pay a $5 guest pass if you don’t have the membership)

EVENTS: Women’s Single, Men’s Singles, Doubles (including mixed). You can also find your partner on site : )
COMPETITION SYSTEM: We will make further announcement before the competition.

EQUIPMENTS: We will provide some badminton birdies but you have to take your own racket. Take your own equipment if you have : )

Registration: Please an email with title “badminton competition” and
Name : Johns Hopkins
Gender : Male
Event : Men’s single
Cell Phone : 123-456-7890

to hopkinscssa.sports@gmail.com. The deadline is 08/17/2012, 7pm.


BGI (Beijing Genomics Institute) Recruitment Event, 2/24 Fri, 1:30pm, School of Medicine
You are invited to the BGI small group recruitment event on Friday, Feb 24th, from 1:30pm to 2:30pm at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. BGI (the Beijing Genomics Institute), the world-leading genomics research centre, is greatly known for its cutting edge research in decoding the genomes and the translation of genomic discoveries to applications in human health, agriculture, environment and related fields. Positions are open for all nationalities. For more information about the institute and the jobs, please see the introduction at the end of the email.

Time: 1:30pm-2:30pm, Feb 24th
Location: Room 113/114, PreClinical Training Building (PCTB), Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, 725 N. Wolfe St, Baltimore, MD, 21205.

Language: English

Please be advised to register ASAP through the following link (NUMBER OF ATTENDEES LIMITED):

We would appreciate your help with advertising the event by sharing this email with your colleagues and friends.

Thank you very much! Look forward to seeing you in the event.


BGI Recruitment

BGI Overview

As a leading genomics research centre, BGI devote to research and application of human health, agriculture, environmental and related fields through mutual influence between science, technology and industry. As a Chinese scientific group with the completion of projects those include the first Asian diploid genome, Chicken Genome Project, the rice genome, the silkworm genome, and research to combat SARS, BGI has laid a leading position by its ability of high-quality sequence and genomics analysis. BGI has published papers on more than 130 top scientific publications and has build long-term partnership with leading research institutes, biology technology and pharmacy companies.

At the same time, BGI is applying biological technology represented by Hi-seq and information technology represented by high-performance computer technology into medicine, healthcare and modern agriculture.

BGI is eager for talents for its rapid development. If you share our vision and want to join one of the most pre-eminent biomedical organizations in the world today, please review our list of open positions and requirements below.

Campus Vacancies List
Bioinformatics Analyst
Assistant Researcher
Laboratory Technician
Senior Technician
Senior project manager
Advanced Vacancies List
Product manager-NGS-base molecular Diagnostics
Clinical Application Specialist-NGS-base molecular Diagnostics
Genetic counselor
Leader of Clinical Laboratory of pathogenic microorganisms
Breeding Expert
Plant Breeding Expert
Geriatric Center Leader
Leader of Metabolic and Cardiovascular Disease Centre
Senior Project Manager / Project Manager
Research Scientist
Senior Project Manager
Principle Protein Scientist
Project Leader
Leader of Clinical Laboratory
Product manager-tumor molecular diagnosis
Product manager- hematonosis molecular diagnosis
Leader of Marine Biology
Leader of Maternal Health Centre
Biological Therapy Center Leader
Investigator on Micro fluidic
Senior Technician

Please submit your resume to bgicareer@genomics.org.cn for the above position.
For more jobs, please visit http://www.nature.com/naturejobs/science/jobs?q=bgi

JHU CSSA Dragon Year Gala
Happy Chinese Dragon New Year! Hopkins CSSA wish you and your family Happy New Year! Thanks a lot for your support with us over the past 2011. Hopkins CSSA will offer brilliant Year of the Dragon Chinese New Year Party on Chinese Lunar New Year 2012 so that the Hopkins big family can get together and celebrate traditional Chinese New Year.
Enjoy brilliant game ideas, beautiful romantic music and dance, lively and generous drama here! Also the party will reveal a deep taste of Chinese tradition in performance, and the outstanding singers of us will show you beautiful music. Throw in and get your chance of winning on-site raffle prizes!
The party is scheduled on 6:30pm. 11th February 2012, at ShriverHall. No ticket will be required. We sincerely invite you to celebrate this traditional Chinese new year with Hokpins Chinese community!

Green Card Seminar
Presented by Mr. Yaming Gao (Gao & Associates, PC)

Topics: Green card application categories; H-1B issues; F-1 issues; Q&A session
(See attached files for detailed topics)

Time: 11/05, Saturday, 7 pm
Place: Medical campus, Building PCTB, Mountcastle Auditorium
Food and beverages provided

Financial Seminar (2-4pm Sun Oct. 30th, PCTB Mountcastle Auditorium)
Dear friends and fellows:

You know how to work for money, do you know how money works and how to make money work for you? Do you want to know how to manage your money better and minimize your tax? Do you want to learn how you could accumulate and grow your wealth more effectively?

This Sunday we will host a personal financial seminar that will benefit you and your family. Topics will cover:

Basic personal financial knowledge (factors controlling wealth)
Tax (how to minimize the biggest cost of your income)
Retirement planning (how to start it earlier and better with more tax advantages)
Mortgage( which way is better for you)
Financial aid (how to get the most out of it for your kids)
Life Insurance (how to protect your family but still have the living benefits)

The presenter, Dr. You, is our senior financial expert in Baltimore area. He has more than 10 years of experience in this field and has been educating and helping people from all walks of life to set up their financial plans for a better financial future.

Please join us and learn more about the above topics. Business opportunities will also be open to you upon request. A kind reply to (xinliji@gamil.com) to let us know you are coming will be greatly appreciated.

Time: 2:00-4:00pm, Sunday, Oct. 30th
Location: PCTB, Mountcastle Auditorium

Refreshment will be provided. Thanks

2011 JHU-CSSA Tennis Tournament
Dear all:
Thank you so much for participating our 2011 JHU-CSSA Tennis Tournament. It was a big success with your support and the financial sponsorship from JHU-CSSA. Hope everyone had good time playing tennis, making new friends and seeing old friends. Over the last 11 years, tennis has become more and more popular and the performance has been elevated every year. This event has become a tradition of JHU Chinese community and this year, for the first time, the participants are beyond Chinese community. We also want to thank family members, friends and JHU-CSSA Sports for their hard work and support to make this event a big success.

Here are results from each category:
Men’s 3.5 — Champion: Chen, Haifeng
Runner-up: Fang, William
3rd Place: Chen, Jian and Yang, John
Women’s — Champion: Wang, Yan
Runner-up: Guo, Wendy
Men’s 4.0 — Champion: Pan, Hong
Runner-up: Chen, Charles
Third Place: Cheng, Jie and Hu, Harry












Professional Development Event

Given the significant interest of Chinese medical graduates in applying for residency in the United States, the Hopkins CSSA (in collaboration with other organizations) invites you to the following professional development event.

The Johns Hopkins Professional Development Office presents…

Panel Discussion: Residency Application for Foreign Medical Graduates

Time: Monday, October 3, 2011 6:00-7:30 p.m.

Location: 1830 Building, Classroom 2-108, 1830 East Monument Street, Baltimore, MD

Please RSVP to jhmipdo@jhmi.edu


Zhiping Li, MD

Lei Zheng, MD, PhD

Shiva Prakash Srinivasan, MD

Prem Pathak, MD


Hon Ho, MD MPH


Johns Hopkins Chinese Students & Scholars Association

Johns Hopkins Postdoctoral Association

Special Thanks:

Chinese American Doctors Association

2011 Greater Washington DC Area Chinese National Day and Mid-autumn Festival Celebration at Johns Hopkins University

Johns Hopkins University is conducting an exceptional performance on Sunday 10/2 at the Shriver Hall Auditorium to celebrate the Chinese National Day and the Mid-autumn Festival. This celebration is not only an exhibition of the Chinese culture, but also a platform for cultural exchange.

Arranged in traditional Chinese art forms with a pinch of metropolitan elements, this is an eye-opening and entertaining show that one cannot miss.

This celebration starts off with a picture and video illustration of the Xinhai Revolution of 1911 and its leader Doctor Sun Yat-sen. The programs at the subsequent performance are recruited and selected from more than 20 universities and colleges in the area. These programs consist of dances and opera from different regions and ethnic groups, as well as stand-up and situation comedies. Grand prizes will also be provided to the lucky participants. Other than students and scholars from Hopkins, representatives from the Chinese Embassy, the United States government, and other universities in the area will also be in the audience.
Admission is free. Please join us at the celebration of our traditional holiday to learn about the Chinese history and culture while enjoying a marvelous performance brought to you by your fellow students and scholars.

Time: Sunday October 2nd
5:30 pm — The Exhibition of Sun Yat-sen and Xinhai Revolution (1911)
6:30 pm — Performance
Parking: You could park on N. Charles St. or Wyman Park Dr. Please refer to campus map for the exact location of Shriver Hall and parking areas.
Admission is free.


2011 JHU-CSSA Tennis Tournament

Dear JHU Tennis Fans,
The annual JHU-CSSA Tennis Tournament will be held on Oct. 8th (Saturday) at Druid Hill Park tennis courts.

No matter you are a beginner or an advanced player, you will enjoy playing and making friends in this tournament !!!

Even if you are not planning to play but interested in tennis, please
also feel free to come!! We need your support.

This tournament comprises:

– Women’s singles
– Men’s 3.5 singles
– Men’s 4.0 singles.

We will adapt a mixed format of round-robin and elimination to ensure
timely completion of the tournament and ample game time for every
player. There is no registration fee and we will provide balls.

The winners, runner-ups will be awarded.

If you are up for it, please send your registration to:

before Oct. 5th, with you name and gender. For men’s singles,
please also select which level (3.5 or 4.0) you would like to play.
Thank you very much for your participation! Looking forward to your
outstanding performance!

Sports Group
Hopkins CSSA

2011 Nadam Fair (barbeque & Yard-Sale).

With the clear sky and gentle wind, comes the most beautiful days of our charming city,
Baltimore. Why not enjoy the happy hour of barbeque and chatting with friends, under the
genial sunshine and on the adorable lawn. Perhaps, it would be a great pleasure for new
students and scholars who have just came to Baltimore to have such a gathering to make
new friends and give each other a hand. Yes! You got it. Here comes the next major event of
CSSA—–the 2011 Nadam Fair (barbeque & Yard-Sale).

TIME: Sep. 17 12:00 PM
LOCATION: President’s Garden, Homewood Campus, JHU 3400 N Charles. St., Baltimore,

Some suggestions:
1. Please feel free to bring friends and relatives and please do register online
first so that we can be prepared. Importantly, in order to express appreciation
to those volunteers participating in new student pick-up and Yard-Sale retailers
and to welcome new students, (new students please send your information to
HopkinsCSSA.Newcomer@gmail.com to register, and you can reference to http://
bbs.hopkinscssa.org/viewtopic.php?f=36&t=28558 regarding format), volunteers and
retailers, after signing up online with your identity(volunteer/retailer), will have our free
entrance. The rest of our guests need to pay $3/person, covering food and beverages.
Moreover, bringing food with you is totally welcomed. And please fill in the form below to
sign up for our Nadam Fair.

2. We have some volunteer opportunities listed below, welcome to join us. Also,
please feel free to share your good ideas with us.
1) Registration & Yard-Sale assistance: 2 people, who will be in charge of the
online registration and record participants’ information, and summarizing Yard-Sale
information; another 2-3 people, who will help maintain the order at the scene and
give away food, etc.
2) Game assistance: each game will be led by 1-2 people, and there will be 2
or more games; besides, we need some people to help move the tables or other
facilities at that time.
To sign up as volunteers, please send e-mails to Zainan ZHOU: zzn@jhu.edu 443-326-6291

If you have trouble viewing or submitting this form, you can fill it out online:

2011.8.16. Chinese Embassy Trip Photos


Thanks everyone for coming!

Qixi and New Comers’ Welcome Party

Hi all!

The Chinese Students and Scholars association (CSSA) at Johns Hopkins University welcomes you for a ‘GAME NIGHT’. The theme of the night will be Qixi Festival (七夕), which falls on July 7 of the Chinese Lunar Calendar.  It’s also called the Night of Sevens or Chinese Valentine’s Day.

Please join us for the entertaining night, as it will be the last event before the fall semester kicks off. Snacks and drinks will be served. This event will also be an opportunity for the new incoming Chinese students to interact and meet with current students and scholars.

Where: Glass Pavilion, Homewood Campus, 3400 North Charles St. Baltimore  (Directions attached)
Date: Sunday, August 21, 2011
Time: 7:30 p.m. onwards
Dress Code: Casual
Fee: Free. Please sign up below:
Click to Register Online

See you all at the event!

Hopkins CSSA

Lecture by Dr. Chi Van Dang

You are invited to…

Professional Development Lecture

Title: Success in Academia – Advice from Dr. Chi Van Dang, MD, PhD

Date: 8/15/11 (Monday)

Time: 5-7:30pm

Venue: Mountcastle Auditorium (in PCTB)

Dr. Dang is a professor of medicine, cell biology, oncology and pathology, the Johns Hopkins Family Professor, and vice dean for research for the school of medicine.

Dr. Dang was an Osler medical resident and a graduate of the medical school at the Johns Hopkins University.

Dr. Dang’s profile is available here: http://www.hopkinsmedicine.org/about/leadership/biography/D5E9B5BF448B35A76D532C1DC2B1E34B/Chi%20Van_Dang

Dr. Dang will share his experience in career development, especially as an Asian American.

For students, housestaff, post-docs, researchers, scholars, physicians, and faculty, the lecture will be:

– inspiring to those who are interested in a career in academia.

– insightful and thought provoking on issues such as the “glass ceiling.”

– a great opportunity to network with other professionals on campus.

Reception to follow.  Please RSVP by Aug 13 to Hon Ho, MD (hho11@jhmi.edu).

The lecture is co-organized by the Hopkins Housestaff Council (www.hopkinsmedicine.org/housestaffcouncil) and the Hopkins Chinese Students and Scholars Association (www.jhu-cssa.org).



Hopkins CSSA 2011 Summer Badminton Tournament Report

After nearly 7 hours’ competition, here come our winners:

Women’s Singles Men’s Singles Doubles
First Place Yanhong Wei Romain Gauthier Yanhong Wei & Junsong Gong
Second Place Kaiwen He Junsong Gong Allen Yu & William Chung
Third Place Yan Ge Robert Hsiao Yan Ge & Romain Gauthie

Women’s Singles: We have 16 players this year. After 2 hours’ competition, the final four players are Yanhong Wei, Kaiwen He, Yan Ge, Danru Qu. After three tough games in the final, Yanhong beat Kaiwen with 2:1 and became the winner of the women’s singles!

Men’s Singles: We have 20 players and after 3 rounds of knockout games, three players: Romain Gauthier, Junsong Gong and Robert Hsiao advanced to the Round-robin stage to compete for the championship. Romain beat Junsong with score 11:9 and 11:3, and beat Robert with 11:8 and 11:3, and became the winner of the Men’s Singles!

Totally 23 groups participated in the Doubles’ game. 3 rounds of Knockout Games were held and the final 3 groups took a round robin game. The defending champion Yanhong Wei & Junsong Gong won all their matches: they beat Allen Yu & William Chung (YC) with score 15:13, 15:10, and beat Yan Ge & Romain Gauthier(GG) with score 15:12, 15:10.  YC group beat GG group after 3 tough games scoring 15:11, 14:16, 15:7 and got the second place.

A total of more than 50 players participated in the game. Congratulations to all of the winners, and thank you all for your participation, especially, thanks to all the judges! Hope to see you all next year!

Pictures have been uploaded to


Hopkins CSSA Sports Team


Hopkins CSSA Activity: Touring Chinese Embassy at DC -­‐-­‐Tue Aug 16

The Hopkins CSSA is organizing a touring ac-vity to the Chinese Embassy at Washington DC. It will be a guided tour in Chinese, and take about an hour at the Embassy. The number of par-cipants is limited to the first 50 who register.

The Chinese Embassy covers an area of 10,796 square meters. It was designed by the world famous Chinese American architect I. M. Pei, and was put into opera-on in 2009. This building complex features a fusion of tradi-onal and modern philosophies of Chinese architectures, and landscaping is an important part of the design. It is composed of a West Office Wing, an East Office Wing and a public area where the Entrance Hall is located. The Embassy compound has a number of mee-ng rooms, ballrooms, a mul–­‐func-on hall and an auditorium.

** Date and -me:
The tour inside the Embassy will start at 3:00pm, Tuesday, August 16. We are leaving from the Hopkins Homewood Campus at 12:30 pm, and will pick up people on the Hopkins Medical Campus at 1:00pm.

** Transporta-on and fees:
CSSA is going to rent a chartered bus. A non-­‐refundable $10 prepayment is required from each par-cipant to cover the transporta-on.

** Iden-fica-on:
A valid driver’s license or a passport is required at the Security Checkpoint of the Embassy.

** Registra-on:
Send an email from your Hopkins account to ac-vity.hopkinscssa@gmail.com to register for yourself and/or your family member(s), with details of each person as follows.

Your name:
Your ci-zenship:
Your affilia-on with the Hopkins:
Number of people you register:
Name(s) of your dependent(s), if applicable: Ci-zenship(s) of your dependent(s), if applicable:

Please direct other related ques-ons to the same email address.

** Further details: To be announced.

Hopkins CSSA

A couple of par-cipants with quality cameras are needed to work as photographic reporters, who can aaend this event for free.


Hopkins CSSA 2011 Summer Badminton Tournament

Dear friends:

Are you still trying hard to find something interesting to do in such a long summer? Join us in the Hopkins CSSA 2011 summer badminton tournament! Take the chance to make friends as well as win wonderful prize! A $20 Giant gift card for the champion, a $10 Giant gift card for the second place and a $5 Giant gift card for the third place will be awarded. Please don’t hesitate to register; we are expecting to see you.

TIME: 07/31/2011, 1:30pm
VENUE: Homewood Ralph S. O’Connor Recreation Center

(We will prepare a $5 guest pass for you if you don’t have membership)

EVENTS: Women’s Singles, Men’s Singles, Doubles (including mixed). You can also find your partner on site 🙂

COMPETITION SYSTEM: We will make further announcements before the competition.

EQUIPMENTS: We will provide plastic birdies but you have to take your own racket. Please take your own equipment if you have 🙂

Registration: Please send an email with title “badminton competition” and include info like:

Name                           :Johns Hopkins
Gender                         :Male
Event                           :Men’s singles
Cell Phone                     :123-456-7890
Membership(JCard)        : Yes

to hopkinscssa.sports@gmail.com. The deadline is 07/24/2011, 7pm.

Guoguo Chen, Lingling Tao, ZhifengYan, NanWang Hopkins CSSA Sports Group 07/07/2011